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Monday, June 18, 2012

Herbalife celebrates healthy heart


A healthy heart begins today:

  1. Be active & take control of your heart health
  2. Say NO to tobacco & insist on a smoke-free workplace
  3. Know your numbers - get your heart checked
  4. Manage stress well
  5. Maintain a healthy weight
  6. Ensure a healthy & balanced diet 

No worries! With Herbalife Nutrition, all those things above that you need to do to maintain a healthy heart will be taken care of. The nutrients in Herbalife Formula 1 is healthy and balanced, thus ensuring that your cells are getting the right nutrients that they need to regenerate and make you healthier. So, when your body cells are healthy, automatically you'll be healthier. Not only that, Herbalife Nutrition can also help you manage and maintain your weight healthily without the use of drugs or pills.... just healthy and balanced nutrition! 

Isn't that GREAT? 

So what are you waiting for? Contact me for further product information and coaching to achieve your ideal weight and maintain a healthy heart. Email me at or look for me on Facebook...  or if you're in the Kuantan area, you're invited to drop by my nutrition hut ... Seri Saraf Nutrition Hut Where friends of good nutrition meet everyday!FREE* healthy & nutritious breakfast & wellness evaluation! (*For first timer only!). Call for an appointment... Fazz 019-2603806 ...bring your friends and families....all are welcome!

FREE Body Scan Analysis when you call for an appointment

Love & respect,
Fazz Aziz

p/s: I sincerely hope to make a difference in your life & health!


  1. That is really great, I think it's worth trying!

  2. Thanks GLSArabs.... yes, it's worth trying. You won't regret it. But you must have a coach to guide you regarding its initial comsumption.

    1. Good wellness coach its 50% success if someone will start with Herbalife.

  3. Herbalife really work and taste good!

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