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'Shake to Shape' your Wellness with Cellular Nutrition

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nutrition for your cells...


Do you know that life begins with a single cell? And that this single cell will continuously divide into more than 60 trillion cells? Or that there are about 210 known distinct human cell types? Amazing!

Unfortunately, through unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, eating high calorie foods and drinking alcohol, we are slowly destroying the cells. Damaged cells lead to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke and cancer. Over the years, through unhealthy lifestyle habits, fat builds up and stick to the walls of our blood vessels. This leads to our blood vessels becoming narrower, preventing oxygen & blood from flowing smoothly to the heart and other important organs, eventually leading to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

Many of us do not understand what goes on inside our bodies. We know about some organs and their functions but not the complete workings of the human body and how to take care of our cells which need to be fed many types of nutrients to keep them healthy.

Our body is made up of over 60 trillion cells which form tissues, organs, systems.....which then form the human body. So, a healthy body starts with healthy cells. To maintain its health, cells must daily live within a clean environment and obtain more than 50 essentials and hundreds of healthy nutrients; which cannot be generated from our body internally but must be obtained from food & nutritional supplements. One way to ensure that our body gets the needed nutrients daily is a healthy diet with more fruits and vegetables. However, that is still not enough. We still have to maintain its health with nutrition that can heal and help regenerate our cells ... cellular nutrition.

Fortunately, thanks to Herbalife, that problem has been resolved. Herbalife Cellular Nutrition range provides balanced and healthy nutrition for our cells in a simple, easy-to-make Formula 1 Soy Protein shakes drink in flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappucino and Tropical Fruit. Yummy!!! There's also Cookies n Cream flavour, however that's not available in Malaysia yet. 

It's unbelievable and truly amazing! With just one Formula 1 Soy Protein shakes drink for breakfast everyday, you are already feeding your body the essential 55 nutrients, 18 amino acids, herbs & fibers that your body needs daily to function and your cells need daily to heal itself and regenerate healthily. It's that simple! On top of that, it's only about 180 calories per serving... so you know you won't gain weight no matter how many shakes you drink per day!

Wanna taste the shakes? Drop by my nutrition hut ... Seri Saraf Nutrition Hut - Where friends of good nutrition meet everyday!. FREE* healthy & nutritious breakfast & wellness evaluation! (*For first timer only!). Call for an appointment... Fazz 019-2603806 ...all are welcome!