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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gut Cleansing

Our intestine is one of the organs with the heaviest work load. The food we consume will enter the intestines from the stomach within 1 day. Normally, our bowel health is closely associated with the amount of stool excreted. The impacted fecal stools on our intestinal wall are estimated at about 2-3 kgs - thus contributing to your weight.

The increase of digestive wasters in the intestines is due to irregular diet, excessive eating habits, mental stress and sometimes even skipping a meal to lose weight. These are also factors that can lead to constipation. Hence, gut cleansing is the first step towards the prevention of constipation, big belly and weight gain thus promoting healthy tummy and intestines, and weight loss.

Herbalife Formula 1 shakes and Herbalife TeaMix are especially formulated to help you do that. Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritious Soy Protein shakes are rich in 55 nutrients, 18 amino acids, soy protein and fibers that not only helps you with your digestive system but also provide you with the necessary and essential nutrients that our body needs for daily functioning. It's definitely value for money as you get all these benefits in just one daily consumption of 350ml-400ml nutritious protein shakes for just under RM14.OO. On top of that, it comes in 5 great flavours - chocolate, capuccino, strawberry, vanilla and tropical fruit. Hey, even Messi and Beckham takes it daily for nutrition. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. It's even good enough for expecting and lactating mothers as well as vegetarians! Yeay!

Herbalife Concentrated TeaMix which comes in Lemon & Hibiscus flavour or Peach & Hibiscus flavour (in Malaysia, but there's raspberry in Taiwan) provide you with a refreshing drink that can be served either hot or cold. It's benefits include A-antioxidants, B-burns fat & calories, C-cleanses internal organs and intestines, D-detoxification and E-energy.....drinking it daily is as easy as ABCDE! Another value for money that not only provide you with the hydration you need but also the benefits of antioxidants, calorie burner, intestinal or gut cleanser, detox and energizer. Great!

So, what are you waiting for. Look for me on Facebook @ or contact me at  for more information and details of how you can experience the benefit of Herbalife Nutrition - nutrition for a better life!

Fazz Aziz